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Winter Annual Oilseeds: Virtual Field Day #3
Winter camelina (Camelina sativa) and pennycress (Thlaspi arvense) are new winter hardy annual oilseeds that have great potential for use as a cash cover crop that protect soil and water while also providing economic benefits to farmers in the Upper Midwest.

Register for this third in a series of three webinars on these new cash cover crops in research and development by UMN Forever Green Initiative.

This webinar will provide a 40 minute overview on market and supply chain development for these new oilseeds, including a panel conversation with industry representatives who are partnering with UMN and AURI to expand production and use of winter camelina and pennycress. Presentations will be followed by a 30 minute interactive question and answer session with team of UMN and AURI experts.

Session One: May 26
Overview of breeding, agronomic and environmental benefits of new winter annual oilseeds, winter camelina and pennycress.

Session Two: June 2
Food Science and End Use applications, including a cooking demonstration with Beth Dooley.

To view previous webinars: www.forevergreen.umn.edu

This webinar series event is made possible by generous support from USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture competitive grant # (2019-69012-29851), NRCS, CIG, NIFA and NCR-SARE.
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