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Winter Annual Oilseeds: Virtual Field Day #2


Jun 2, 2020 11:57 AM

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Rachel Mitacek
Food Science Graduate Research Assistant @University of Minnesota
Rachel completed her B.S. in Food Science in 2015 and M.S. in Food Science in 2017 at Oklahoma State University. Her M.S. research was completed under the guidance of Dr. Ramanathan focusing on the effects of aging on beef biochemical properties and color stability. After working as a summer intern at Cargill in 2017, she decided to pursue doctoral studies under Dr. Pam Ismail, focusing on plant proteins and phytochemicals, shifting her focus from muscle to plant proteins. Rachel is a full-time researcher studying the optimization of pennycress protein isolation and further characterizing the proteins structure, functionality in various food applications, and nutritional quality. She feels very passionate about her work with oilseeds and hopes to see grocery store products full of pennycress protein and oil one day soon!
Vaidehi Narkar
Food Science Graduate Research Assistant @University of Minnesota
Vaidehi completed her B.Tech in Food Engineering and Technology in 2018 at the Institute of Chemical Technology, India. In Fall 2018, she began her M.S. degree in Food Science at the University of Minnesota. Vaidehi has worked on the development of bakery products and dairy-based beverages during her summer internships with General Mills and O-AT-KA. She is currently investigating the isolation methods of camelina protein, aimed at providing a functional plant-based protein ingredient for food applications. She is engaged in product development competitions and also volunteers with the IFT Food Chemistry Division.
Beth Dooley
Culinary Professional @Beth Dooley's Kitchen
Beth Dooley has covered the local food scene in the Northern Heartland for thirty years: she writes for the Taste section of the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune, and appears regularly on KARE 11 (NBC) television and MPR Appetites with Tom Crann. She co-authored The Sioux Chef's Indigenous Kitchen with Sean Sherman, winner of the James Beard Award for Best American Cookbook. Beth recently served as an endowed chair for Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture at the University of Minnesota. Her next project is The Perennial Kitchen Cookbook, A Field Guide to Creating a Sustainable Kitchen