Sparrow Memorial Lecture - Shared screen with speaker view
Rajesh Rajamani
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Michael Ohadi
Hello Satish and Rachel, Hello Prof. Simon
Michael Ohadi
Nice seeing you...
Jordan Kuhl
I had Professor Sparrow for an Ansys simulation course. It was my favorite class I took while at the U.
James Radomski
Great teacher! Had him for Thermodynamics of Fluid Flow, as well as Heat Transfer
Srivathsan G
Proud to have me as my PhD advisor
Lydia Miller
Ruth was such a partner in Professor Sparrows teaching. I often talked to her when he was unable to pick up the phone during his office hours.
Dave Reichert
Prof. Sparrow was a wonderful teacher who moved easily between his deep knowledge and the not-so-deep ability level of his students. He made thermodynamics and fluid dynamics fascinating for me. Do others remember the Professor wanting to name a new constant after his favorite ice cream, Haagen-Dazs?
Michael Ohadi
Yes, I remember the Haagen-Dazs ice cream price in my gas dynamics class with Prof Sparrow
Susan C Mantell
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Daryn Bertelson
I didn't hear about the Haagen-Dazs constant, but I really enjoyed his vacuum cleaner purchasing story among others.
Yaser Ishtaiwi
Hi, I attended two of the classes he taught. Heat Transfer and Thermodynamics of fluid flow. I enjoyed his unique way of teaching and I felt his friendly attitude towards the students. I would like to express my sadness for his passing away.
Jerry Jones
I didn't have Prof. Sparrow in class or as an advisor but, as a PhD student at UPenn in the 1970s (under Noam Lior, P.S. Ayyaswamy, and Stuart Churchill), I used to read his papers not just for the keen insight and creative analyses, but for his writing. It was so crisp and precise and made absorbing the technical content a real pleasure. Noam once commented to me early in my career that my writing was weak, so I doubled down on my weekly doses of Prof. Sparrow's papers. As a professor at Villanova, I now point my own PhD students to his papers to improve their own writings, including "Effect of circumferentially nonuniform heating on laminar combined convection in a horizontal tube" by S. V. Patankar, S. Ramadhyani, E. M. Sparrow.
Rajesh Rajamani
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Brenda Allen
Eph graciously agreed to be my advisor for my master's program. I still have his handwritten class notes that were provided prior to each lecture.
Yaser Ishtaiwi
Yaser Ishtaiwi (me)
Kailash Karki
I enjoyed Prof. Sparrow's graduate class on Conduction. (Kailash Karki; Ph.D. 1986)
Anil Tolpadi
I still have my Radiation class notes in my filing cabinet!
Anil Tolpadi
this is Anil Tolpadi, PhD, 1987
Christopher Singh
Eph was my MSME advisor in 2009. I just have to say that his dedication to his students is remarkable. He encouraged me to pursue graduate work. Without his encouragement I would not have gotten my Master's degree. I view him as both an advisor, and a friend. A lovely man.
Christopher Singh
I still remember him telling us to use ANSYS to measure the cooling rate of an eggroll from Village Wok
Dean Hacker
Eph had a profound effect on my life. I learned so much from him about how to teach and mentor. He was a friend first, and an advisor second. Thanks for such a lovely commemoration. I still use his model of pizza-consumption to teach others about convective heat transfer.
Eric Larson
Eph was brilliant in many ways. I was a PhD advisee of Ephs ('83). I remember a departmental seminar where he alluded to the many late nights he spent in the laboratory running experiments. He said that one night "mother nature had revealed herself" to him, which many of us young folks found humorous. But, of course, it was an exactly accurate characterization of his work. As importantly, it is a testament to his powers of communication that because of his choice of words I still remember that seminar from so many decades ago! He was a legend in his own time and will continue to be.
Mehmet Arik
Prof. Sparrow was a great scientist and professor. I had great oppurtunıtıes walkıng wıth hım on Frıday mıdnıght at ME hallways, he was havıng hıs bıke wıth a small radıo ON, and we used to chat on pool boiling. At once we also shared a Saturday breakfast at 8:00 am in 1998, I was leading a MEMS tranıng course and we ınvıted hım. It was just great. RIP..
Nevin Celik
Eph was calling his students as partners in crime. Although I was a postin 2007-2009,
Roberto Ruiz
Just as a wonderful thermal sciences teacher, he was equally a wonderful teacher of life. He shared many of his perspectives of how to succeed which I applied throughout my professional career. He has been most influentia in my professional, as well as personal life. It is important to highlight that the support of Ruth and his family were instrumental in his ability to make such an impact on engineering in general and U of MN community. He was my advisor for my MSME (1981) and PhD (1986).
Michael Ohadi
Indeed he devoted his life to educating his students and the keen care for them. Went beyond teaching and research, took interest in their professional and everyday life. By the way, he attended his students parties on weekends when invited, and he enjoyed being there. However, I was not aware of him accepting an invitation for such parties from his non-student colleagues. Agreed has been most influential in professional, as well as personal life, of many of us.
Paul St George
BSME '91. While I had many wonderful professors during my BSME coursework, Professor Sparrow stands without equal at the top of the list. He was the most approachable, most dedicated, most friendly, most accessible, and most fun professor within the department. He was able to encourage in me, my skills to tackle Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow and for his encouragement I will be forever indebted to him. To this day, I attribute my academic focus and success here to him and I look back fondly on that time in my life with a smile on my face and with Eph at the center of my mind. He was an amazingly gifted man; a talented professor AND wonderful person able to engage at a very personal and individual level. For me, he will always remain a professor without equal at the U of MN.
Nevin Celik
Eph was calling his students as partners in crime. Although I was a post doctoral fellow during 2007-2009 I have always felt like I am a student of Eph. He taught me how to be a good academician. Now I try to use his skills in tne class when teaching. He was my master and hero, and will always be...
Kristin Duxstad
Dr. Sparrow taught my undergrad heat transfer course. His passion for the subject was infectious and he was probably the best teacher I had in the ME dept. I fondly recall his dry humor, which drove him to bring in a ‘joke stick’ to class because we, undergrads, were a little slow on picking up on his jokes! He has left a strong legacy.
Chris DeDene
I'm very proud to have known and worked with Eph. He was one of my committee members ('14), and I credit the wisdom, guidance, and insight he gave with my passing my PhD exams. In addition to his brilliance, I will never forget the impact he had on my life, he had a remarkable generosity that I strive to emulate. And he always had a packet of coffee stashed away to make a fresh pot for us.
Suresh Vemuri
Prof. Sparrow had a great commitment and enthusiasm for both teaching and research. Some of his ideas that I tried to emulate in my own career:Work to solve problems of practical interest and value; but look at them from a fundamental point of view to carefully generate basic data and knowledge.Use whatever combination of tools and methods best achieve the solution to the problem being worked on.
Lydia Miller
For my Heat Transfer classes, he wrote the books we used and sent them to Kinko's where we could buy them - thereby not having to pay so much for out books.
Tod Myrum
Eph's dedication was an inspiration to me. He changed my life. Over the years, I shared stories about Eph with many colleague outside of mechanical engineering. As my wife said, "I cannot stop talking about Eph." I will never forget you Eph. Thank you for all that you have done.
David Otis
Prof. Sparrow was my MSME advisor (1983-84). He was very generous with his time with me, helping me think through experimental results and write my thesis line-by-line in his office, at all times of day. He taught me how to write clearly and how to write while looking at the data. (And gave me access to an IBM Selectric typewriter to complete the final copy.) Having been his student prepared me well for further graduate work at UCSD and MIT and a career as a mechanical engineer at HP. I am very grateful for his impact on my life.
Alak Bandyopadhyay
To describe Prof. Sparrow's scholastic work, is beyond my limit, as his work is like Ocean, beyond describing. I just want to mention two things: I and many other batchmates of mine noticed he was the one who used to go on his bike from Saint Paul early in the morning even on snow, and he would be one of the last one among faculties in Heat Transfer division to leave campus. The second one is his energy and participation in each of the seminar department used to organize. To be truthful many of these seminars were beyond my knowledge and we used to notice Prof. Sparrow keeping his eyes closed, but then he would get up and ask questions that speakers not always had easy time to answer.
Suresh Vemuri
My favorite memory with Prof. Sparrow was when I prepared my Ph. D. Thesis (Winter of 1984). We would often spend late evening hours reviewing my thesis draft, and at the end of that I would give him a ride to his house in St. Paul. I thoroughly enjoyed the conversations during those rides.
Carolyn Hoffman
Eph taught me how to ask the right questions, and that kindness is often the best building block in learning and fostering growth. For that, I will always be thankful.
Paul Chevalier
Who remembers going with Eph late at night, looking for equipment that was needed when everyone was gone? Great times!
Maurice Holahan
I was fortunate to be able to take many of Professor Sparrow's graduate level courses, through UofM's UNITE program via a televised link to remote students working in industry. This was back in the late 80's into the 90's. So as he did so often so many technical areas, Professor Sparrow had the jump on Zoom by at least three decades.In the 2000's my two sons majored in ME at the UofM, and also took undergraduate classes taught by Professor Sparrow. Two generations of my family will always remember Professor Sparrow
Get well, ABC. You and Eph were a great influence to me!
David Smith
Dr. Sparrow really cared about students! I remember when TA'ing undergraduate heat transfer for Dr. Sparrow, how often he would encourage his students to attend sporting events and other student life activities. I remember how enthusiastic he was in explaining introductory heat transfer concepts to his students. A great teacher!
Kevin Crary
Can anyone else still hear prof Sparrow say GNIELINSKI?
Mike Brosch
I would echo Dr Sparrow's commitment to taking care of his students. Knowing the typical economic situation of most students, he would offer sage advice about which graduate seminars had the best post-seminar cakes and treats in case we were looking for some delicious food at a reasonable price!
Madhusudan Iyengar
Mo - Nice to see you online! Madhu
Ricky Chow
There is no question that Professor Sparrow has changed the trajectory of my life. As someone that struggled in undergrad, a PhD was beyond my wildest dreams. Without his enthusiasm, encouragement, and coaching through prelims/quals, my career would not be where it is today. I think the most important lesson that I have learned from Eph is to be kind to others and give freely to mentor the next generation of students.
Madhusudan Iyengar
Hi Michael - Nice to see you here! Madhu
Madhusudan Iyengar
Randy - Great to see you here! Madhu
Zak Kujala
I took a class with Eph a couple years ago, and remember a few fun moments. One time, we were waiting for an ANSYS simulation to finish and someone expressed their impatience at how slow the computer was, to which Eph replied, "the computer is unaware of your impatience" and "patience is a virtue and we can practice it now." He seemed to like using simulations to solve problems, and I remember him saying that "we're not going to do the baby kindergarten stuff in this class." He had a knack for saying things in a memorable way. I also remember "people who are sophisticated in the art and science of fluid flow put x in the flow direction." I have fond memories of the class I took with him.
Madhusudan Iyengar
Hi Sukhvinder - Great to see you! Madhu
Alak Bandyopadhyay
Prof Goldstein, hello to you. I served as your TA for sometime and so glad to see you
Srikar Chelikani
Such a great teacher and role model both inside and even more so outside the classroom
Sukhvinder Kang
He was indeed an exceptional teacher and mentor and I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to work on my Ph. D. under his guidance. I remember the first day of his graduate level Radiation heat transfer class where he spent a minute or so searching for something near the classroom door. Suddenly he exclaimed something like "aha, there it is, a black body." He then went on to explain how radiation from a small hole in a large enclosed volume is black body radiation. I also remember many occasions sitting in his office discussing some technical matter when he would mention some paper I should read and then go to his book shelf and pull out the exact volume of JHT or IJHMT that included that paper. What a beautiful mind.
Yucheng Hou
Prof Sparrow’s big smile face is the one of the most beautiful pictures I can remember for mummy UMN life.
Alak Bandyopadhyay
Can not agree more as what Prof. Goldstein said. First time when I took his class, first time came from India, and knowing him such a famous Profesor, was worried about whether I would understand. But then his teaching style was so great, and focusing on fundamentals
Srikar Chelikani
he always touted his match making as his greatest achievement
Richard Kaszeta
Over my 6.5 years at the University of Minnesota, I never actually had a class from Eph, but he was a constant presence in the "THT Hallway" (and I mean constant, it was a rare occasion when we wasn't there, even late at night). He was always asking what everyone was up to, and giving much, much advise on such topics as thermometry, error analsys, and even (as others mentioned) where grad students could score free bagels.
Scott Forbes
Professor Sparrow took the time to help me transition from the Aerospace Engineering dept. thru the PhD qualifying exam in the M.E. department, where I obtained my PhD in 1989 under Dr. Kuehn. Professor Sparrow was an important part of my career development. Though I no longer work in the field, I still retain a passion for heat transfer and thermodynamics.
Olivier Postel
Although not a student of Prof. Sparrow, but Prof. Heberlein, I have very fond memories of the heat transfer lectures Eph gave. To this day, i still have his hand written notes and I am so looking forward to hand them to my son when he will be ready to study this field. And hello to all of you I remember from my PhD years (94-98).
Stuart Chastain
What stands out in my memories of Professor Sparrow is his joyful enthusiasm for everything he was teaching and everything in his research. I had many interactions with him as his research assistant and when working on my thesis research. I now look back and see that much of my enthusiasm in my own career was traceable to his influence on me.
Jason Trask
When I was an undergrad in senior design, my project team was using a prototype material that we needed to know thermal conductivity for. Unfortunately, given it was prototype material we didn’t have any official specifications for it. We took a sample of this material to Eph, thinking he might have a recommendation on how to get it measured in short order. Instead, he grabbed the material between his thumb and index finger, held it up to his face, and after 10 seconds of silence he gave us a value off the top of his head. We returned to the ME308 lab and after much debate decided to use the value he gave us in our ansys simulations for the project. One month later, one of our team-mates got a hold of a spec sheet for the material and we discovered that Eph was spot on with his estimation. We joked that he must’ve had thermocouples in his finger tips.
Marc Hodes
GREG i HAD YOUR dad at U of Pittsburgh. marc.hodes@tufts.edu
Gregg Geiger
Marc: Nice to hear. It was because of his advice that I went to the U for grad school.
Marc Hodes
he told the class that you told him once he asked you if your dad was Gene.
John Nelson
Great seeing you, Jim.
Patricia Columbus-Powers
Eph was pivotal in the course of my life. He inspired me and believed in me. He never assumed any of his students had limitations. Because of this, he made me aware that if I just took one summer math course, I could finish my Masters in one calendar year. When I asked my boss for alternative work arrangements to attend the 8 am math course and it would cause me to work till 9 / 10 pm during the summer, my management asked if I really understood the commitment involved. Eph never hesitated to know that my ambition and that I was up to the task. His belief in me has allowed me to accomplish much that would have otherwise been unimaginable. I will always be grateful for his influence on my life.
Jason Xu
Hello, Jason Zhixin Xu from Silicon Valley.Dr. Sparrow was my Master degree advisor from 1984 to 1986Any one who wants to contact me at jxu87@yahoo.com
Greg Tronnes
I didn't know that Gregg G. He made an impact on my education too.
David Smith
How many still have their notes? Probably everybody, I know I still do
Alak Bandyopadhyay
My proudest moment was I scored full points in his graduate convective heat transfer class taught by Prof. sparrow and he mentioned that in another class I took with him. But I do remember that exam, he gave us long time in the evening, and we finished in about 4 hours.
James OBrien
Hi John!
Greg Tronnes
@ Alak. That's the memory I remember the best as well. I took thermo as a night class and one test was open book, take as long as you want. I think I was there till after midnight. Had to walk half the way home cause the buses had stopped running.
Alak Bandyopadhyay
Hi @Greg, great to know that. You must be right, it was quite long. We all were tired. I am glad that one of my classmate is here!
iyabo lawal
He taught me how to design experiments for my MS degree…skills i still use today. At that time 2001-2004, i was struggling with an MS topic. He was so committed to my success that he went to the company and helped me install thermocouples on the product that went through a coating machine. Just an amazing human being and educator. It’s been inspiring to hear about so many good memories of his helping hand, we are all in good company. RIP Professor Sparrow
Alak Bandyopadhyay
I take this opportunity to say hello and wish best to the Professors from my time (I graduated in 1993, did Ph.D. with Prof. Patankar), hello to Prof. Goldstein, Prof. Simon, Prof. Mantell, Prof. Pui, Prof. Girshik, and other current Professors. I am glad to be in this event in honor of one of the greatest Professor in my life.
Lydia Miller
Thank you to everyone for sharing and remembering. Just lovely to hear.
Wojciech Lipinski
Thank you All for for this great memorial event.
Brenda Allen
Thank you for this opportunity to participate in remembering Eph. His legacy is well-established around the world.
Jordan Kuhl
So many great stories being shared
Ricky Chow
thank you
Jimmy Tong
Thanks a lot.
Dianna Wrightsmith
Thank you
Vlad Goldenberg
Thanks so much everybody and take care!
Tara Pierce
Yilmaz Bayazit
Thank you!
Scott Grabow
Thank you