Mentor Monday - Nov 16 - Shared screen with speaker view
Leo Cardoso
Welcome to our Mentor Monday! If you haven't already done so, please remember to mute yourself and post your thoughts and questions here.
Leo Cardoso
Anyone who's had Prof. Avner's class can probably related to the 3D example!
Leo Cardoso
Eric Law
@Leo - I certainly remember Prof. Avner's focus on 3D printing. Great class and professor!
Kelly Dahlman
The Big Data section made me think about HR’s focus on data & analytics. Are companies using Big Data on their employees? If yes, is there thought leadership on if/when this is acceptable or when it infringes on individual rights?
Lindsay Wenzel
I've heard about companies figuring out when employees are about ready to leave and then put actions in place at that point. Not sure if companies are really doing that yet though or just an idea.
Leo Cardoso
Such a good question, @Kelly! We have worked with different analytics vendors that have very different perspectives on how data ought to be used. If a company is not thinking about it now, I would highly suggest they do - I'd expect more states to follow CA (and Europe's) lead and start legislating aspects of it.
Lindsay Wenzel
It is interesting how COVID has impacted mindsets. My organization prior definitely had a strong growth mindset. However I'm seeing us reverting back to fixed mindset because of the extra COVID stress.
Leah Grabovac
@Lindsay that’s interesting. Why do you think that is?
Amanda Warner
I wonder if it's a Maslow's Hierarchy needs thing? Like, employees are trying to take care of their basic needs right now due to crisis mode and it's harder to be a more self-actualized individual at this point?
Lindsay Wenzel
That's a really interesting though Amanda.
Teresa Gan Wolfe
what are some expectations for HR professionals in the future in terms of skills, competencies, mindset to respond to/lead the all these changes?
Lindsay Wenzel
Thought*Employee's future may also feel uncertain or abstract with COVID so maybe aren't thinking in a growth way? But rather survival like Amanda was saying.
Leo Cardoso
@Lindsay - It almost feels like as scary as it was, there was so much hope and energy at the beginning of this crisis to build something better - but over time, that's been eroded. People seem tired now.
Lindsay Wenzel
Totally Leo! Hard to sustain this. Especially when you think about the messaging in the US in March for the broader population which was very philanthropic and growth mindset as you said. Companies also had similar messaging but fatigue has set in.
Melis Candir
Sesil, could you talk about your experience as being a mentor or mentee? How that experience shaped you in your work life?
Eric Law
Thank you, Sesil and hosts.
Teresa Gan Wolfe
thanks for sharing your insights!
Bryanna Sowers
Sesil, thank you so much for your time today!
Dustin Leszcynski
appreciate the time Sesil!
Amanda Warner
Thank you, Sesil! So informative!
Kelly Dahlman
This was fantastic! Thank you Sesil, Leo and Crystal!