Road to Recovery 2: Linked Populations Tues 1 Dec Morning - Shared screen with speaker view
Autumn-Lynn Harrison
Thank you! Out of my depth with raptors :)
Brandt Ryder
Great talk Kristen. For those species with genoscapes- how much species specific variation is there in the extent of geographic genetic population structure and how does the scale of that structure impact our ability to draw inference about connectivity?
Stu Mackenzie
Thanks Beck.
Wendy Easton
Great single action that we can Kristen-collect feathers and write a collective international flyway grant to help facilitate analysis flyway
Kristen Ruegg
Lets do it Wendy!
Kristen Ruegg
I hadn’t heard of that, but it sounds like a wonderful synergy! Thank you Richard.
Anna Lello-Smith
Kristen, do you have a sense of whether populations with narrower climatic niches, and climatic niches that are more conserved between breeding and non breeding grounds, are also more specialized in terms of other resource use (habitat use, diet, etc.)?
Kristen Ruegg
Yes. It seems that they are from the literature and we haven’t done that specific analysis. Would love to do it though!
Kristen Ruegg
That is a great idea. I would love to do something like that. Maybe you could come work with us to do that Anna?!
Anna Lello-Smith
That would be awesome Kristen, would love to chat more after the workshop!
Lisa Davenport
I have a question for the panel as a researcher working in South America, who specifically works on birds that stay in South America. I am curious about the priority-setting thoughts since so many birds from North America go to South America, and may depend on habitats also required by birds that stay on South America. Do you see South American birds and their habitats as recipients of similar resources (funding, MOTUS stations, for example) any time time soon/
Brad Andres
Working on Lesser Yellowlegs and roselaari Red Knot
Wendy Easton
coni doesn’t use all the flyways
Wendy Easton
wiwa would be great but a little small
Katie Leonard
It was a great start! Thank you everyone, excited for the rest of the week :)
Stu Mackenzie
Thanks all - absolute pleasure to work with you as always.
Sarah Kendrick
Thanks to the speakers for amazing talks!
Jill Deppe
Thanks to all of you for your great presentations! I very much appreciate your advocacy for open data. It’s vital for advancing conservation pace with threats birds face.
Allison Pierce
Thanks to all the presenters!
Nicole Michel
Thanks everyone for the great kick-off to this workshop!