CTS Transportation Infrastructure Research Council seminar/webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Kaydee J Kirk
Welcome to the 2020 CTS Infrastructure Fall Webinar and Council Meeting!
Kaydee J Kirk
We currently have 41 people joining today's webinar.
Kaydee J Kirk
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Duane Green
Kaydee, please send a PDH form to Duane.green@state.mn.us Thanks
Nancy Daubenberger
Congrats on your retirement, Carol, and thanks for all your work and contributions to MnDOT bridge research over the years! See you on the trails!
Carol Shield
Thanks Nancy
Gina M Baas
Thanks, Jennifer!
Kaydee J Kirk
Yes, thank you. Please just go ahead and send any chat for the PDH to "all panelists" for now. In the future, we will adjust the setting to allow only chat with the host. Thanks for your understanding and patience!
Kaydee J Kirk
Attendees: Submit any questions and comments at any time during today's event by using the Q&A feature at the bottom of your screen. The moderator will verbally share those during Q&A time. Thank you!
Carol Shield
there were 8 fully loaded sand trucks
Carol Shield
linear. The 8 trucks were placed in several different configuration. I believe the one shown had them packed as close as possible together. Data was taken with the trucks parked on the bridge (and no other data on the bridge). This live load was actually larger locally than the design loads.
Carol Shield
I don't think you can get enough trucks onto the center of the span to do that. These trucks were all over the "legal limit", i.e. they would have had to be permitted. So under normal circumstances you would not get traffic induced curvatures larger than the thermally induced curvatures.
Kaydee J Kirk
Attendees: Any questions for Ben, Duane, or Lauren please add at any time here. Thanks.
Kaydee J Kirk
Round Robin questions for all attendees – please share in Chat!1. What current transportation infrastructure issues are you and/or your organization facing?2. Do you have any organizational, informational, or event updates to share?3. What ideas do you have for potential future Infrastructure Council meeting topics or speakers?
Mark Maloney
what’s the typical service life of a sensor?
Mark Maloney
What new instrumentation protocols were developed on this bridge, has it established any new standards?
Kaydee J Kirk
This webinar is being recorded and it will be posted online for people to watch after.
Kaydee J Kirk
Also, a PDF of Lauren Linderman's presentation slides will be posted on the event page shortly.
Kaydee J Kirk
Reminder: Here is a link to the upcoming CTS Research Council webinars and council meetings. All are free but registration is required. https://www.cts.umn.edu/events/seminars
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Here is the link to what Gina was referring to: https://www.cts.umn.edu/events/seminar/2020/delivery
Jeanne Kling
Much of the success of the !-35 bridge can be attributed to all parties following an ideology called Vested. Especially the expedited timeline. Does MnDOT consider using this model on current projectys
Jeanne Kling
It has been documented in a white paper found on VestedWay.com and in a book
Kaydee J Kirk
Mark and Kristy: Sounds like we winding down and probably ready to close the webinar. Unless anything roles in.
Kaydee J Kirk
Nice work presenters!
Kaydee J Kirk
Thank you all for joining!